Published on 22nd February 2022, Dylan McFinn & The Sea Serpent’s Fury offers young readers an opportunity to dive right in and join protagonist Dylan McFinn in his fantastical underwater world.

Believing the world needs a new influx of modern-day fairy stories, this novel has been written to inspire the joy of getting lost in an adventure. And whilst brimming with magic and otherworldliness, the author cleverly weaves in 21st-century issues such as the need to protect our environment and having to deal with family trauma.

The author’s love of myths and legends, and the writings of Terry Pratchett is palpable in both his character development and wordsmithing. With Liam Jenkins’ first novel showing all the hallmarks of a flourishing writing career in prospect, his intention to expand Dylan McFinn’s into a fully-fledged adventure series will be an eagerly awaited addition to the YA Action and Adventure genre.