Dr Mari Takayanagi

Dr Mari Takayanagi is Senior Archivist at the Parliamentary Archives where she has worked since 2000. She is also a historian of women and Parliament, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association. Her doctoral thesis was on ‘Parliament and Women c.1900-1945’ (2012). She marked the 2018 suffrage centenary with ‘Voice and Vote: Women’s Place in Parliament’, a major public exhibition in Westminster Hall with 107,000 visits. She regularly appears on TV and radio; contributes to podcasts, blogs and social media; and has given many talks at conferences, seminars and other events, including a TedX talk (2017). Her first book, ‘Necessary Women: the Untold Story of Parliament’s Working Women’, co-authored with Elizabeth Hallam Smith, was published in June 2023 by The History Press.

Book Link: Necessary Women: The Untold Story of Parliament’s Working Women
Publisher: The History Press