Schools Programme

Welcome to the Farnham Literary Festivals Schools Programme.

Farnham Town Council is passionately committed to enhancing literacy among the students in our local schools. In collaboration with The Blue Bear Bookshop and our gracious sponsors, the Farnham Literary Festival takes great pride in facilitating encounters with both local talents and bestselling authors, igniting inspiration among the young minds of Farnham’s schools.

This invaluable initiative owes its success to the unwavering support of Farnham Town Council, the generosity of our sponsors, the solidarity of local businesses, the dedication of volunteers, and, of course, the essential contributions of our participating authors.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Farnham Literary Festival.

Whether you choose to become a sponsor, feature in next year’s festival programme as an author, or wish to involve your school, we welcome your engagement. Please reach out to us at for further details.

The authors featured in Farnham Literary Festival 2024 Schools Programme are Reshmi Bennett, Sophie Deen, Ben Martynoga, Robert Tregoning, Neill Cameron, Matt Brown and Nishani Reed.

‘It was fantastic, the kids were super engaged. I had a brilliant time.’
Robert Tregoning, Author