After burning out at work and losing herself in a long-term relationship, Helen Snape realised that she had the ‘disease to please’, discovered the magic of boundaries and is now passionate about helping other over-givers do the same.

Helen has combined what she has learnt throughout her HR career, her Psychology degree and coaching qualifications and experience to become both an award-winning Healthy Relationships Coach and Speaker, having been interviewed on BBC Radio, the Women’s Economic Forum and been featured in both Psychologies and Happiful magazines. Her debut book ‘Drop the Fake Smile’, which was released in September 2023, is a recovering people-pleaser’s guide to self-love, boundaries and healthy relationships.

Helen lives in Surrey in the UK and as an empath, her greatest joys are spending time in nature for replenishment and in water for general delight.

Book Link: Drop the Fake Smile
Publisher: Conscious Dreams Publishing