Nishani Reed – “I live in leafy Godalming with my husband Philip, our children Jem and Chloe and our giant dog-child Elsie Doodle. Our life in Surrey is very different to the one I had growing up in a South Asian family in Manchester!
I never thought I would become an author. Books were so real to me when I was little that I found it hard to believe that they had been written by ordinary adults. (I can now 100% confirm that they are. But they’re all very nice.)
I’m so proud that my debut picture book celebrates the food that I grew up eating. My mum is thrilled too! Nabil Steals a Penguin was inspired by the way she cooks with love and makes people feel welcome.”

Nabil Steals a Penguin – Get ready for this fast-paced and big-hearted rhyming adventure about a penguin who loves curry!When Pierre the penguin tries Nabil’s delicious biriyani rice, Pierre decides to leave the zoo and go home with him! But Nabil will be in BIG TROUBLE if his mum finds out. And Pierre is EVERYWHERE – honking, dancing, bouncing on the bed and making a HUGE bubbly mess in the bathroom . .

Will Nabil’s parents let Pierre stay? Brimming with personality, this hilarious story with a lovable, hapless hero is perfect for fans of Paddington.

Book Link: Nabil Steals a Penguin
Publisher: Nosy Crow