Reshmi Bennett’s writing journey weaves together a rich mix of experiences. From her academic beginnings at UCL to her successful tenure in banking, and into the realms of professional baking, she has continuously embraced new challenges. An accomplished writer for over a decade, Reshmi has crafted everything from insightful blogs to enchanting children’s books, adding depth and credibility to her creative endeavours.

Now, as a mother and the creative force behind ‘StoryBakes’, she blends her passion for storytelling with her baking expertise. This combination of writing and baking is not just a career evolution but a harmonious fusion of her lifelong passions. ‘StoryBakes’ stands as a testament to Reshmi’s diverse skills, showcasing her ability to enchant both palates and imaginations. With an Asian and Middle Eastern background, Reshmi likes to incorporate strong, relatable, and diverse characters into her story-telling as well.

Reshmi Bennett is more than a baker or a writer; she’s an artist whose medium spans words and flavours, bringing joy and inspiration to all who encounter her work, children and adults alike.

Book Link: Willow and Hugo’s Winning Victoria Sponge Cake